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Toddler Rooms:
2-3.5 Year Olds

The Fox, Bobcat, and Raccoon Rooms are home to our toddlers. Toddler children are special because they are making the journey from 'baby' to 'big kid'. The space is set up to give these children as much autonomy as possible while helping them understand that while they are separate from others and have an effect on their own environment, they are a part of the learning community that helps them feel safe and challenges them. Educators in the Toddler Rooms aim to increase children's ability to solve their own problems based on safe explorations and real information. Children in these rooms work on turn taking, planting the seed of empathy, and relationship building in a safe place with age-appropriate rules, boundaries and limits. Positive guidance strategies are effectively used to build trust, redirect behavior, and learn conflict resolution.

Our Toddler Classrooms

West Location:
Fox Room

East Location:
Bobcat and Raccoon Rooms

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