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Wolf Room   ( 3 - 4.5  years )

Come on into the Wolf Room and get a taste of the preschool life, where educators discover and build on children's individual strengths, as co-learners and collaborators! Children in the Wolf Room are a part of the planning process and take part in their classroom curriculum. We strive to foster children's emotional growth by teaching self-awareness, awareness of others, and effective expression and regulation of emotions. Relationships are at the core of the Wolf room - whether it be team projects, appropriate social settings, or true friendships with classmates and caregivers. Children are seen as competent, capable, and unique, with the right to express themselves in many ways. The environment is set up in a way that is always evolving, always changing, while being comforting and home-like. Children are given large blocks of free play to work on and build new skills, relationships, and ideas.

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