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Canada's Food Guide 
Discover how Canada's Food Guide is used to make food labels and advertisements to help Canadians make healthy food choices.
Food provides the energy and nutrients that young children need to be healthy. Here you'll find excellent resources for healthy meal planning.
Family Services of Central Alberta 
FSCA offers drop in play groups, parent education, support, and home visitation for Central Albertan Families.
Alberta Childcare Regulations
The Alberta Childcare Regulation sets out the minimum standards that must be met in a licensed child care program to ensure that the health, safety and developmental needs of children are met.
Child Care Subsidy in Alberta
The Ministry of Children's Services provides financial assistance to eligible lower-income families using licensed childcare programs. Estimate, apply, update, or renew your subsidy here. 
Canadian Child Care Federation
A collaborative relationship between practitioners and families is a key element of quality child care. The CCCF has a wide variety of free, downloadable resources for parents. 
Play, Participation, and Possibilities 
Play, Participation, and Possibilities is a guide for reflective thinking and an interpretive tool for imagining possibilities, one that helps each of us to see and think about children as mighty learners and citizens always and already.
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