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Tuition Payment


Payment Due Date: Childcare fees are due and payable in advance on the first of each month. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or automatic withdrawal. Please make all checks payable to Aspen Lakes Discovery Center.

Aspen Lakes Discovery Center is taking part in the new government funding program. Please ask for more information. 

~Sibling Discount~
We offer a sibling discount! Each additional full-time sibling will receive $100.00 off their months fee, and each additional part-time sibling will receive $50.00 off their monthly fee. Our OOSC program has a $50.00 discount for siblings. 



Fees (before the affordability grant is subtracted)

Full Time:
Registration Fee:            $100.00

Babies (12-24mo):          $1,105.00 per month  September 1st fee increase : $1175.00 per month 

Toddlers (24-36 mo):      $1045.00 per month
Preschool (3-5 y/o):        $980.00 per month

Kindergarten:                $955.00 per month

OOSC Grades 1 - 3          $650.00 per month/ $955.00 per month for July and August (Includes all PD days, any school closures/snow days, AM snack, PM snack and transportation to and from school).

Part Time:
We offer 2 choices for part-time care: a 2 day schedule of Tuesday & Thursday, or a 3 day schedule of Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

Refunds are not given for days not used.

Registration Fee:         $100.00
Babies (12-24mo):       $75.00/day
Toddlers (24-36 mo):   $65.00/day
Preschool (3-5 y/o)      $60.00/day
Out of School (Kindergarten - Grade 3): $55.00/day

Drop in Care:
Drop in care is provided on a per day basis and is offered solely based on availability of the day requested.

Registration Fee:                                     $20.00
Morning drop-in (8:00-11:30am)            $40.00
Afternoon drop-in (2:30-6:00pm)           $40.00
All day drop-in (up to 8 hours)               $60.00

ChildCare Affordability Grant and Subsidy Information:

Aspen Lakes Discovery Center is apart of the Childcare Affordability Grant. We will automatically subtract the affordability grant off of your child's fees each month. 

Click here for more information or email us with any questions you may have! 

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