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Grizzly Room    (4.5 - Out of School Care)

Our Grizzly Room is the learning space for our oldest (and wisest! ;) ) children. Early educators in the Grizzly Room provide various materials for children to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings to the world. They are given periods of time to reflect on their self-image and goals, socialialize with others, while having a balance of focused activities to pursue interests. Grizzly children are the decision-makers in the organization of their daily experiences, routines, and rituals. They are encouraged to extend their play over days - hours - weeks - so as to deeply develop their ideas and conclude their own learning. Our eldest children are given opportunities to take safe risks, use real tools, and interact with their real world. Educators are encouraged to be playful and provoke playfulness, and to provide experiences that engage questioning, curiosity, and discovery. The best way to learn. 

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