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About Us

Aspen Lakes Discovery Center is a team-built dream-come-true for Kendra Deutscher and Kayla Guimond. After getting to know one another in an early learning and childcare setting, they realized that they were more passionate about caring for children than they ever knew was possible. 

Kendra Deutscher

I am a proud life-long member of the Blackfalds community. I was born and raised in town and to be honest, I don't think I'll ever leave. I was raised by my wonderful dad, Albert, and mom, Marion. My mom was my biggest influence in how to guide and educate children; she was always very patient, relaxed, and let me guide my own learning. I can never thank her enough for that!

I went to Red Deer College in 2010 to achieve a Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare. I continued to educate children from ages 12 months to 6 years until I had my daughter, Indiana, and married my husband, Max. After my maternity leave ended, I felt the sudden anxiety spike that came along with putting Indiana into care. Will she be loved? Respected as a unique individual? Will I feel welcome/invited? Will my families routines and traditions be honoured? Will she be challenged, while safe? Will she have ample opportunity to explore a natural environment? 

It clicked for me that with my understanding of best practices in early education, I NEEDED to open a holistic childcare center. I wanted a childcare center in Blackfalds that I would be proud to put her in - with tons of natural light and resources, local food and eco-friendly products, supported staff, and a huge emphasis on her relationship with herself, the people around her, and her natural world. 

When I met Kayla and we began talking about our dreams and goals, we slowly put them together like two puzzle pieces. We sat and stewed on the idea for a very long time to make sure this was something we could achieve and thrive at. Here we are, with all our ducks in a row, with our family and community supporting us, ready to fulfill our dream of providing quality care to the families of Blackfalds. 




Kayla Guimond

I moved to the town of Blackfalds in the year 2001 when I was 6 years old. I attended the French immersion program in Lacombe and graduated with my bilingual certificate. I grew up with my two younger siblings which gave me a passion for working with children right away.


After high school I worked for a year and then decided to go into open studies at RDC. During my time in open studies I was offered a position in a new daycare, where I soon discovered my passion for early childhood education. I then completed the diploma program in Early Learning and Childcare.


When I first met Kendra while we worked together in a daycare, we soon became very good friends. We would get together for coffee almost each day and talk about our dreams and futures. Eventually we came up with the idea to open a Reggio inspired daycare center to share our love of childcare with everyone around us.


With the help of my parents we soon started planning out the details of what became Aspen Lakes Discovery Center. Aspen Lakes Discovery Center is a family grown and operated daycare with the help of both mine and Kendra’s families, our husbands and our friends. We are excited to share our passion and love of early childhood education with the community of Blackfalds!

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